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Balance October 28, 2009

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Lying sleepless in the middle of the night last week – I realized I had deleted an important part of my previous rant. In complaining about the fears that had suddenly overtaken me upon applying for MFA programs, I cut the following sentences: “Many people have been most supportive. I’ll blog about them next time, knowing full well I have already violated all rules of etiquette by whining first and being appreciative second.” I fully intended to paste that bit of wisdom back in (see the asterisk in the middle of the second paragraph?), but somehow did not. Just goes to show, being grateful was not on my agenda.

But today is, as they say, another day. In fact, the very next evening marked another day. That was when I received a call from Mr. Fred Lebron at Queens University, informing me I had been accepted for their MFA program. What a difference a few hours can make. The man had barely opened his mouth and I flipped from distraught to euphoric – trying valiantly to maintain some sort of outward composure while doing the living room shimmy.

After I hung up from Mr. Lebron, I emailed, Facebooked and texted everyone I could think of who would be even remotely interested. Which reminded me of how grateful I was. Not just for making it into grad school, but for my daughter – who has always been my most supportive (and brutally honest) fan. For my writing buddies in the Tuesday night critique group, who immediately met my fears with encouragement. For friends and family who offered support and encouragement. And for the opportunity to act upon a dream I’ve had since childhood.

I am indeed fortunate. And grateful.



3 Responses to “Balance”

  1. Everybody needs a possie, a group of supportive people, who will stick with you through thick & thin, and lift you up when life knocks you down. How wonderful that your daughter is part of your possie. (musta’ had a good role model)

  2. Russ Says:

    Nice to see that you are your old, cheerful self again.

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