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Naropa November 8, 2009

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November 7, 2009

It seems that everyone I know expected Naropa would be my final decsion all along. And of course, I did as well – or at least I knew that’s what I wanted. But wants are a funny thing – sometimes you get exactly what you’ve hoped for and it turns out to be the worst thing for you. (But that’s another blog entirely!) Not that I think that will be the case here. I was after all in the very fortunate position of having two great choices. Either would have benefited me in myriad ways as yet uncounted. Now, on to the fun stuff. Waiting for my official letter of acceptance and invitation to write that first check. It’s a good thing it isn’t all due at once – my child is too old to sell and who wants a house in this economy!! Anyway, I can’t wait for that letter and to get started on the first semester. All that knowledge vying for space in my head – I hope I can keep it there.


6 Responses to “Naropa”

  1. livingtowrite Says:

    Am I right that you’ve decided to accept Naropa? I was supposed to attend Naropa in the Fall 2010 for the MFA and decided to defer a semester so I could study at a fine arts school abroad.

    In any case, I hope that I will see you come Spring. It would be nice to be familiar with at least one other person, if only just through an online blog. I’m quite nervous about moving to another state, though extremely excited!


    • Annie Maier Says:

      I did decide on Naropa, and haven’t regreted the decision for so much as a second! I’m a low resident student however, and so won’t be on campus when you arrive in the spring. I attended the summer writing program in June-July, though and met many many wonderful people, some who do attend as on-campus students. I’d be happy to hook you up with a few online if you’d like. And I’d love to meet you come next year’s SWP.
      One thing to be aware of – I’m not sure if you know about the whole acceditation thing with Naropa. If not, please check into it, or let me know and I’ll be happy to share what little I know.
      Hope you have a wonderful semester abroad! You can follow my Naropa inspirations on either http://www.anniemaier.wordpress.com or http://www.wordjunkies.wordpress.com
      Thanks, Annie

  2. 2wordjunkies Says:

    Thanks for sharing that Jerry. Trust in ourselves is a difficult thing to accomplish!

  3. landrjm Says:

    Picking a college for undergrad was such a tough choice for me. There were other schools that I could’ve gone to that would’ve been closer to home, closer to friends and/or better deals financially. However, I had to go with my heart and pick Millsaps, and I am still so thankful that I did. I had such great experiences there, and it set me on the right path as a writer and as a person. Sometimes we just have to trust ourselves to know what’s right for us. Congrats on the choice, and I’m sure it will be a great experience for you! 🙂

  4. Annie Maier Says:

    No need for starving – at least not yet!!

  5. Oot Says:

    I can starve for a week or two, really, it’s okay! As a theatre tech I am trained to subsist on coffee and sawdust for weeks at a time in dire situations (ex. tech week).

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