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Reality vs Fantasy (part 3) May 4, 2012

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May 4, 2012, oh, and May 7th. 

Previously on wordjunkies: blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Blah. Blah and blah, blah blah. 



  1. expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgments
  2. having the potential to become disastrous (!!!)
  3. having a decisive or crucial importance in the success or failure of something
  4. expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music or art (more on this later) (perhaps much later).

Stay with me, the definitions/connections should become clear.

While writing/blogging/communicating, do you ever just want to say screw it? You write and parse and ponder, trying to come up with the perfect word combination/s, only to realize that despite the care you’ve taken, you’re somehow still missing the point. That’s how I feel. I wrote a sequel to last week’s blog, or at least the first few paragraphs, but even as I worked I knew it just wasn’t gelling. My words were factual, but not, technically speaking, true. Because by then, I’d lost my way. Cosmically speaking, what does it matter that I was late for an appointment? What do black holes, red undies, and uptown traffic have to do with anything? At least anything truly important? Not a damn thing.

My point, several hundred empty (and now discarded) words later, seemed to be that after decades of being me, I’d come to a conclusion: OCD may be controllable and anxiety familiar and perhaps inherent to Rizz0-dom, but juggling two personalities (Reality vs Fantasy) had become unsustainable.

But now, that is, a few short days, many bottles of wine (red, white, sparkling) shared with my lovely sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?), 16 family members (beneath one roof), a dozen trips to and from the ocean, a message from a friend that I had to read 12 times to understand (thanks Drew) later, my conclusion has shifted. This moment, with my head and heart snuggled in the comfy throes of an alcohol-induced universal awareness, it seems to me that only thing crazier than my current state of having two people reside in my head would be undertaking to banish either one of them. Pragmatic and stubbornly delusional, I need them both.

So, forget the full brain overhaul. What I should do instead is focus on uniting the disparate sides of my personality in a way that is acceptable to both me (them?) and those I come into contact with. I need to be on time, yes, but I also need to maintain whatever quirks identify me; I need to control the bursts of smart-assed sarcasm that act as my only defense against the outside world, but without losing my (PG County born and bred) edge; and I need to accept that functioning as a “normal” adult may not ever fall within the ven-diagram chaos of my comfort zone. I can get up early, check the mail, and return phone calls in a timely manner. I can lay out my clothes the night before, make sure the gas tank is full, and keep  spreadsheets on debits, credits and receipts. But I can’t do any of those things simply because that’s what “responsible” people do. I’ve never been interested in being responsible (just as I’ve never believed in hell or obligation).All I want is to be a decent human being. If setting my alarm aids that process, then I’m all for it. But if clinging to a conventional ideal of normalcy is the only way to be accept-ed/able… well, I’m just not up to that particular task.

Nonetheless, I do want to accomplish a dozen or so things over the next 90 years, and one or two of them most certainly will require collaboration with other human beings, some of whom may have only one person tucked beneath their skulls. Yet another task that I have, up until this point, found if not impossible then damn near so.

And this, patient reader, is my point:

Think of my head as a plastic paperweight, filled with decades old water and in need of a good shake. Unsure of how to go about such a thing on my own (remember, I’m trapped in the paperweight), I sent an email to friend and not so long ago Qi Gong instructor, Jackie Burleson. Jackie is a life coach specializing in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). (You can read about Jackie/EFT here: http://www.eccoaching.com/bio.shtml ) This wasn’t a particularly inspired decision, nor was it made overnight. As a serial vacillator I’ve often considered seeking out someone possibly cheaper than and/or less socially stigmatized than a psychiatrist to assist me in approaching such matters as getting dressed in the morning, making dinner, and/or leaving the house each day without simultaneously provoking a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, Jackie was amenable to the idea. Our first appointment is in a week. Before then, I have to complete a few simple tasks meant to address my most pressing issues. These are, as I determined during our initial phone consultation, releasing my book to the world, launching WordJunkies Press, and learning to “connect” to and with my fellow human beings. The first two are pretty clear cut. That last one may prove a bit more problematic.

Back to my initial point of (critical) contention: is any of this truly important? No. Not in the scheme of world peace, hunger, disease, and whether or not Demi is a drug addict or Madonna has had work. But I don’t live only in the greater world. I live in my head as well, and after all these years I’d like to escape, however momentarily. Because hitting a wall is no excuse for stopping.


4 Responses to “Reality vs Fantasy (part 3)”

  1. Goocher Says:

    I’m interested to see how it goes for you. A few years back, I tried to hire a coach to help me during a specific time, reach a certain goal–Lent and “Speaking the Truth in Love”. The cost was going to be more than my budget could handle, so I thought about it for a long time and decided to ask an older friend, who I deeply admired and had modeled Speaking the Truth in Love in a group we were in together, if she would “walk this Lenten walk with me”. She agreed and was the *most* incredible teacher and guide. As the cosmic stars aligned, literally, a sum of money unexpectantly came my way and I donated it to my guide for her to give to her favorite charity. I recall it was about three times the amount of the coach. She had agreed to guide me as a friend, for no compensation, so the money I gave was an unexpected gift–more so for me than her. In fact, I’ve never felt so light and happy, then and now, as I think about that experience. At times, I still struggle with speaking the truth in love. As Richard Rohr says, I have to learn to “hold the tension” and I guess that will always be difficult for me. Wishing all good things for you, Annie. Love, Marie.

    • Annie Maier Says:

      What a great story! Thanks so much Marie! I love such moments when all things fall in place and we’re “given” an unexpected yet perfect solution. That you were then able to show your appreciation is like chocolate icing on a chocolate cake!
      Thank you too for the well wishes and support. You’re a lovely friend…

  2. I too am trying to connect with the public, or should I say the communitiy that I have suddenly found myself in. I am self publishing a book and now am face with the task of promoting. The thing is that its not so much promoting a book as promoting myself. Trying to get people to think that what I have to say is worth something. Its not an easy task. Best of luck to you in your endevors as well.

    • Annie Maier Says:

      Hi William. Thanks for visiting wordjunkies. You’re exactly right, promoting any creative work–something we may be comfortable with–is the exact same as promoting ourselves–something I am distinctly NOT comfortable with! We have to trust that we do have something worthwhile to say, even if to one person. Even if to ourselves? Maybe. Good luck!

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