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August 9, 2009 August 9, 2009

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Hello everyone from the Tuesday night critique group. I was determined to get this done before our next meeting – so as not to be a blog slacker. As you promised, setting up wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated, so thanks Jerry and Russ for your encouragement.  Sitting out on the porch tonight, listening to the myriad bugs and frogs chirping and clicking and croaking their happy (lusty!) summer songs – grateful for their music. Also for words and friends and farmer’s markets. Met a farmer today – Kenny Baxter from Cherrydale. Hello Kenny! A real farmer’s farmer – large, weather beaten, few words but plenty of heart. Bought heirloom tomatoes, cukes and a watermelon. (Peaches from Fat Boys). Soaked up his kindness. Makes me sad, what is happening to farmers today. Did you see “Food, Inc.”? Agrobusiness at its worst. If you don’t want to see the movie – read “Fast Food Nation.” Less apocolyptic (marginally), but with the same message – stop eating JUNK! Feed your body as you would a baby’s, with carefully chosen, lovingly prepared, healthy food grown by men and women named Kenny with farms close to home. There’s a new Tuesday evening market in Blakeney, heading south down 521. I wasn’t expecting much, as it’s just getting started – but was blown away by the quality and variety. Not just veggies and fruit, but also local pork, buffalo and even ostrach. Don’t think I’ll be trying that, though – not yet. Surpringly, no local chicken. I guess that’s easy enough to find. Anyway, we even saw a chef or two out and about stocking up. The hit of the day (for me) was Swiss chard picked that morning. Brought it home, cleaned it twice and sauted it up with some pepper, garlic and salt – then tossed it with fresh tomatoes and pasta. Mmm, mmm. (Is this what people blog about? Someone said, don’t just write about your day, but who else’s day can I write about? And if a farmer named Kenny doesn’t warrant a shout, who does?) So, if you haven’t been to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market this season – go tomorrow! Look for Kenny and tell him Annie says “hey”! And ask him for some of those ugly purple tomatoes – they’re the best!


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